Modifikasi Yamaha Byson 2010 2011


Like the guy, it was Modifikasi cute Byson from birth. Just a little touch, looks certain to be made ​​klepek Byson, klepek ... Please see the touch of minimalism that made ​​Lent Automidified (LA) from Probolinggo, East Java.

Byson success so appear more oks. "Rombakannya deliberately minimalist. Because, basically already have tongkrongan already cool. Once again, quite a few more parts that must be emphasized. Yes, that really impressed Yamaha Byson sangar like animal called itself," said Adhi Wicaksono, skipper LA.

The first target tank. The system is very easy standard condoms. Made the cover of the tank as desired. "It's just imitate the position holder and the bolt holes fit on the cover of the standard tank.
Next think about the form design. And the new tank cover was intentionally dimension side a little dikembungkan each be larger approximately 2.5 cm to the right and left, "beber brother lives in Jl. Raya Soekarno-Hatta No. 93, Probolinggo.

Work continued into the sector. Modifikasi yamaha Byson not equipped with a standard cover engine cover. Then Siwe, her nickname initiative to make the bottom of the engine cover. Cover made ​​from fiberglass and resin key is to provide a meaningful contribution on this bike. Swing arm also received a touch. Simply use the condom so it looks more sturdy. Oh yes, this body kit series also seems to have ready for the market. Prices and all that stuff, still do not know. His name is also new intention!

yamaha byson must be added sip if seats are also subject to the touch. How, instead of coating color harmony of the various color options offered MBTech

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