Gambar Modifikasi Yamaha Mio 2011


Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Sporty 2011 Racing Style

Who would have thought could be transformed Yamaha Mio looks to be a macho sporty style motor. That made Antonius Chandra who perform these modifications garputala skubek bearing. The framework is cut by the boss Ton's Chrome that. However, it still follows its original dimensions.
Recognized by Antony, which he cut back order starting from the handle of the machine. Instead, the part was made of round pipe as long as 60 cm. This change is none other than to get the effect that characterizes nungging motor sport.

In addition to the stern nungging, deltabox framework that characterizes the motor sport is not ignored Anthony. Although the homemade here not as a chassis, "Just all the variations to keep the tank as a bracket Footstep," said Anthony.

Modified Yamaha Mio Sporty 2011 Racing Style

Closing the body (fairing) made simple without a lot of strange indentation. This is done because it refers to the intentional motor racing. However, the process is still considering wind resistance. To the front, to fit the theme, Anthony did not want sloppy, especially in the use of lights because, if one chose, could fall apart. Finally, "I want baseball gambling, so grimy wrote a Honda CBR R150, it is definitely sporty," said Anton. In the aftermath, racing model that already thick reinforced with a muffler. Undertail models pair, said the man was obsessed with his custom Harley-Davidson is, deliberately chrome plated for looks clean.

Harmonizing the back of the increasingly strong connection with the use of brake lights Suzuki Shogun. Although small, continued Anton, functional and make it look fun.

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