Modifikasi Kawasaki KLX 150 Terbaru


As a member of the police force, made by a reliable Rainhard need. Obviously can make lauched for all terrain. So, in addition can be used on duty, can also channel his penchant modify.

The most fitting Basic rake taken from the mounts. Not wrong to choose KLX 150 as its flagship motor. "When not on duty I really like to enjoy riding a bike," explained the man in charge in Tanjung Balai Karimun, Riau Islands.

But conditions are still not considered standard KLX quite capable serve the needs of Rainhard. So he immediately contacts that already Lerry Rahmat Rizky ngelotok abis about change trail and supermoto. As the founder and frontman in the community of Chaos, supermoto style has long been cultivated.

"The style of the selected Rainhard supermoto, motorcycle accident this change fit with the character of the street where he lived," said builder emergency bengke Chaos Custom Bike (CCB) which is undoubtedly the reliability to handle change in rake and trail supermoto.

Let tongkrongan more upright bike like the owner, immediately replaced the front suspension models upside down. "Copotan from Hyosung RX125 is enough. Anyway it was like a pretentious display special trail front engine (SE)," says builder who still status is single.

Sector standard arm had to be stored. That's because Lerry have prepared copotan aluminum swing arm of the Yamaha YZ. "Still wearing the standard quasi KLX but the unitrack changed. Position to be higher," he continued.

At the front wheels, rims chosen by 3.5 inches wide. To the rear are even wider use of 4.25 inches. Both wheels are equally rely on the diameter of 17 inches. "Diameter SuperMoto ideally are applying ring 17 inches," explained Lerry who rely rim D Tracker X 250cc in red powder coating.

Attach these rims need a new drum which had a hole radius of 36. Front drum rely on from Yamaha TW 125. While at home fingers aftermarket rear mounted drum made in Taiwan. "Ban Battlax BT92 trusted," explained Lerry while said tire is a reliable type used to grind asphalt.

Let baseball oversized engine power, exhaust life of the product variations. "In addition to sound more jarring to offset the display, tenanganya also more responsive," convinced. (

Data modification
Front tire: 120/70-17 Battlax
Rear tire: 150/70-17 Battlax
Exhaust: Custom
Rear rim: Takasago 4.5 x17
CCB: 0817-008-9400

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