Yamaha Byson Sport Racing Modification


Yamaha Byson Sport Racing Modification
Yamaha Byson Sport Racing Modification - picture: motorplus.otomotifnet.com

From the factory, Byson was designed to have perfect muscle shape! Fitting set as the motor fighter. Not so with Arif, the owner of the motor. "Want to feel beraura racing sport. Concentration flatten the joint body between the sport but does not eliminate features that have been offered Byson macho," Nur Iskandar open usually called as modifikatornya Iis.

For that, necessary calculations in the application of this concept matures. For example, Iis rearrange the design of shapes to fit the theme. That is, Iis wearing a straight line between the rear tail, tank and the placement of the headlights. So as to create a dynamic parallel form.

This is in accordance with the application form the best modification. "For if the light is too high, in visual form will look even less good," cuap modifier that hung on Jl. Raya Beji, (Home Rectorate Unwiku), Coral Regards, Navan this.

Surely, handlebars should not be too high. Application of waste components handlebar clamp so old Suzuki GSX 400 alloy patents. Although wearing handlebar clamp, which automatically should have been more down the front. However, sokbreker tall forward who has made the handlebars still look tall. Outsmart, this friendly man down triangle top 5 cm to be more bent.

Not a difficult case in the installation, "Because the diameter of the hole with a diameter handlebars fit flops front tomorrow. The so consideration must instead use the original components according sokbreker diameter. For Arif need a good handling with a strong component. Because the motor is routinely used daily use as a member of the Local Government Waterford which is about 50 km, "said the father of two sons.

Head lamp for example, wearing headlamps variation trail. Just a light cover is removed. Reflectors direct light sticks at the front wearing congor fiberglass material. The form is made but not too full taper angle. That's because it still wants to remain accentuate the feel of a typical muscle Byson. Then, form the front corner made a little stiff and too rada box. (Www.motorplus-online.com)


Front tire: 100/70-17 Corsa
Rear tire: 130/70-17 IRC
Taillights: Variations
Cat: Supergloss
1st Modification: 0813-9130-5758

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