Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2011


If you the owner of a motorcycle that wanted to appear the difference, then that was thought about the first time being how equipped the motor alias the modification. Then you would the accessories expenses and began the modification there here.

It was increasingly old that even more components that you the substitute, and without being felt already so many budgets that went out. Then you began realised the function of the modification more than just beautified tampilan (an existence). Felt correctly each change caused the effect bersegi many. From the side psychological you felt pride, from the side of the function feeling you felt there are those that changed. Also from the aspect of the cost, already was not counted hepeng that was finished by you. Results, tampilan your motor was possibly prettier, but could also even pleasant.

The function is, the motor more was easy to be controlled and tighter, but could also even was the reverse: more wild and heavier.

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