Trend Yamaha Mio Airbrush 2011


modif Yamaha Mio Soul trend 2011 white Airbrush

Yamaha Mio Soul 2011 Airbrush Pictures
Modif trend Yamaha Mio Soul 2011 Airbrush
Body Yamaha the accustomed Mio additionally actually replaced by Mio Soul. Body dasboard anatomy connected with fiber. This appulse on the actualization that motor looks clean. With a custom archetypal of the car to the rim in acclimation to get best clip width.

Specify Modif motor Yamaha Mio Anatomy Airbrush 2011
Front tire: 120/70-14 FDR
Rear tire: 140/80-14 FDR
Front rim: Custom 4 × 14 inches
Rear rim: Custom 5 × 14 inches
Airs next: G @ zi
Sok back: TF
Headlamp: Mio Soul
Handlebar: Fatbar
Exhaust: Custom style

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