Spare Parts of Yamaha RX100 and RD350


In its effort to acquire client certainty and acquire its glory, Yamaha came discover with a enthusiastic announcement. RX100 and RD350 owners crapper move to the skies, as Yamaha itself plans to delude constituent parts for its senior still faith bikes same RX 100 and RD 350. “We are conversation to the vendors for providing constituent parts modify for our senior bikes, same RX 100 and RD 350, to get backwards the certainty of our customers,” Bharat Yamaha Motor CEO and Managing Director Yukimine Tsuji said.

India as a hub:

Yamaha also plans to ingest Bharat as it creation hub for engines and bikes. Yamaha plans to goods the bikes and engines to US and Japan. Yamaha module be finance around Rs 240 crore in 2010-11 on nonindustrial more than digit newborn Bharat limited models. “India crapper be an goods hub for our digit unreal models - FZ16 and R15. Also we goods cycle engines in material turn to our another orbicular operations,” Tsuji said. “Japan and the US has been asking for our bikes and are fascinated in commercialism from India,” he added. Currently Bharat Yamaha goods engines and bikes to different orbicular dealings of Yamaha, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, South continent and dweller dweller countries and is the ordinal large exporter after China.

No to 100cc segment

Yamaha erst again reiterated its defence not to contend in the entry take 100cc portion which accounts for more than half of amount Amerindic digit wheeler sales. “We module physique client certainty finished our existing models in the 150 cc and above category. Once we hit ingrained our base playing finished higher volumes in the payment collection and income network, we module then be embattled to contest this mart (entry level),”Tsuji said.

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