Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si Previews and Spec


Bajaj Platina 100cc was introduced in the assemblage 2006 and was supported on CT-100. It was classified in the entry-level portion . The cycle was introduced into the markets as the cheapest cycle of its portion that competed with Hero Honda. From the instance of launching the cycle has been favourite with the buyers in Bharat and right Bharat also, cod to its low outlay and performance.

And today Bajaj has undraped the 125c edition of its clams and butter model. The 125cc organisation is the aforementioned as inform in the XCD and sports Bajaj stylemark Exhaus-Tec technology.

The dolphin looks of Platina 125 includes payment impureness wheels, match headlamps, matt ended black silencer, sportyconsole, smooth plate graphics, carbon tinted engine with sending and plate patterned lateral panels. With the exhaus-TEC engine it is extremity to action substantially same the XCD 125 DTS-Si.

It has telescopic face support with movement of 125 mm and the world’s prototypal SNS (Spring-N-Spring) side support with the long movement in its collection of 100mm. As a termination the mate calibre on the Platina is plush and dead sorted. The engine has a mate curb alter to assist the biker to refer the best enrich inaugural to intend the crowning mileage.

Additional Features in Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si:

1) 125 cc DTS-Si engine
2) 111 kmpl Mileage (Claimed)
3) Ride Control Switch
4) Electric Start
5) Auto Choke
6) Maintenance Free Battery.
7) Anti-Friction DU Bushes in the face fork.
SNS Suspension.
9) Twin Pilot Lamps

The newborn Platina 125 is acquirable in quaternary captivating colours.

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